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OurNewTime Mission & Values

We are creating a social media community serving the largest population of Americans ever to retire, with an online platform enabling them to connect, share, ask, and answer questions of how to use their valuable retirement asset of TIME.  We firmly believe that our platform's success is based on respect for our members' privacy, and we commit to being trustworthy in all our interactions.


We understand, first-hand, that the transition to retirement is evolving for many of us, and it's often more complex than the traditional conclusion of a 25-year career at a single company, followed by a gold watch and a pension; today this transition takes many forms.  For many, it is an evolutionary process, and it can be downright over-whelming, even for accomplished professionals and executives!

We hope to:

  • Provide Baby Boomers and retirees a community through which to define and re-invent their “retirement,” focused around how to use their TIME.

  • Offer reliable advice and content based on retirees’ direct input and exchange of questions, answers,  experiences and opportunities, in pursuit of their interests and sense of purpose.

  • Connect OurNewTime community with trusted advice, vetted product and services targeted to their interests/needs in a safe and secure online environment.

I hope you enjoy our site, and I welcome your thoughts, feedback, and ideas as we pursue our dream to help other Baby Boomers connect, share, and help each other. 

Thank you,


Liz Tupper, co-Founder & CEO 

  • Visionary business and product/market development strategist and implementer

  • Experience in senior leadership roles for technology and interaction based health, care and wellness focused startups.

  • Deep knowledge, passion and industry relationships built around first hand senior caregiving experience.

  • Mentor NIH CAPS Fast Forward program

  • BA, Colgate University

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