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•Ideas for getting started: options for traveling

•What is different about traveling, now that I’ve retired? 

•What are the pros and cons of group travel as a single person?

•1-on-1 annual trip with a child or grandkid

•Family reunions

•Communicating while traveling – how to use technology to help you keep in touch, without breaking the bank

•Places I could never see during my 1-week vacations while working


Trustworthy travel sites that we find easy to use

Booking sites for air travel or trips:

  -- Airline sites are often a good way to go, if you know which airline you want to use (e.g.,

  -- also offers its own rewards…, sometimes has unique deals due to its ability to buy in bulk, etc.

Some airlines in the U.S. and abroad offer discounted fares to people over 65.  These can be a great deal.


Booking sites for lodging that we find easy to use

  -- Hotel sites are often a good way to go, if you have a hotel preference (some have a low price guarantee if you book directly on their site).

  -- Most hotel chains offer AARP, AAA, or similar discounts.

  -- - reputable site for looking across chains

  -- - vacation rental by owner is a great place to find vacation homes and condos

  -- - becoming more mainstream every day as a way to stay in someone's home or apartment for a few nights or a while


• Rental Car and taxi sites that we find easy to use

  -- Car rental sites are often useful, if you have a preference

  --  -- name your own price tool can result in great prices in exchange for prepayment; be aware that they choose the rental company

  -- -- download an app to your phone, and it is easier than taxis

  -- -- download an app to your phone, and it is easier than taxis


Cruise and organized sites that we find easy to use

Cruise line's own sites are often useful if you are committed to a particular cruise line

• Travel information and ratings sites

  -- -- great resource for travel abroad: for restaurants, sites, hotels, etc.

  -- -- like Amazon reviews for restaurants and other businesses

• Some other niche sites that members have highlighted as useful

  -- -- site that predicts when you should buy a specific air flight

  -- – great site for inexpensive flights to/from India

  -- – insurance coverage that can bring you home if you become ill while abroad.

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